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Jesse Allen

Jesse Allen photo Jesse Allen
  • Black Belt

Meet Jesse, your friendly and experienced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor!

Jesse is a black belt with a warm and welcoming personality, known for creating a supportive environment that encourages students to learn and grow. He believes the most important part of training is to have fun but also believes in pushing himself and his students to give their all and strive for excellence.

With years of experience teaching BJJ in addition to being an avid competitor, Jesse has developed a deep understanding of the art and is able to explain even the most complex techniques in a way that is easy to understand. As an engineer, Jesse is used to working on complex problems and breaking them down to their fundamental principles. He takes the time to break down each move and explain the details, ensuring that his students have a solid foundation to build upon.

Jesse's classes are filled with energy and excitement, and he creates a positive and inclusive environment where students of all skill levels can feel comfortable pushing themselves to their limits. With his mean streak on the mats and attention to detail, Jesse is able to help his students improve their technique, timing, and strategy. He encourages his students to push themselves to their limits and never settle for less than their best.

Jesse is a multi-talented individual who not only excels as a BJJ instructor, but also as a top producing real estate agent and award-nominated musician. His dedication to his students, clients, and music has showcased his versatility and commitment to his goals.